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Challenges of Network Modernization

  • VPN Scalability
  • Increased security risks for hybrid workers
  • Point product proliferation
  • BYOD multiplies attack surfaces and complexity
  • Legacy networks aren’t built for the cloud
  • SaaS needs bandwidth and security
  • Understaffed IT teams
  • Product and vendor differentiation

The goal of any IT organization is to minimize their costs while ensuring performance and manageability. With constant forces pushing for new network architecture there are myriad challenges to achieve the goal of reducing costs. Graphene Networks helps your team by providing access to a greater range of technology like SD-WAN, SASE and security along with the expertise to reduce the burden on your IT staff.

Modernizing the network is a critical component to adopting Cloud, SaaS and next-generation security. Replacing old and expensive solutions with SD-WAN, SASE, NGFW, SSE, ZTNA and DRaaS/BaaS. Graphene Networks is your partner for accelerated network modernization.

Since 2020 the Work from Home/Work from Anywhere (WFH/WFA) revolution has been in full swing. Traditional VPNs no longer meet the needs for this expanding environment. Learn how Graphene Networks attacks the scalability and security challenges created by modern remote access needs.

Every year the number of security breaches increases at a nearly exponential rate. Old methods of securing the network are no longer acceptable to distributed networks with remote employees. See how Graphene Networks provides security solutions for any enterprise architecture.

…Graphene Networks manages the complications of network modernization.

Graphene Networks: A force multiplier for your IT team