Managed Services

There are many driving forces that create challenges for network modernization. Partnering with Graphene Networks means you’re working with a MSP that does more than provide a managed technology. From the first engagement to ongoing support, we are here to provide real solutions to the challenges of running an IT organization. Graphene Networks is here to unify and simplify your adoption of next-generation technologies.

Simplifying WAN Edge Challenges


Minimize IT Cost

Every organization wants to reduce the spend on IT infrastructure without sacrificing the performance and security of the network. Graphene Networks helps you achieve both by:

  • Being a force multiplier for your team
  • Helping with technology consolidation
  • Accelerating deployment
  • Providing new technology that eliminates MPLS

Network Modernization

Network Modernization is key to adoption of cloud, SaaS and next generation security. Graphene Networks provides cutting edge technology to accelerate your adoption of the latest technology. Technology like SD-WAN and SASE enable:

  • Bandwidth aggregation
  • Multi-cloud and SaaS adoption
  • Centralized management and configuration
  • Software-defined branch
  • Application and Network control and visibility

Work from Anywhere

The Work from Anywhere (WFA) revolution has changed how business operate. Workers are demanding more freedom and better performance when away from the office. However, remote access creates many challenges such as increase security risks, VPN scalability and application performance reduction. Graphene Networks helps you resolve these issues with the latest in remote access technologies.

  • SSE (Secure Service Edge)
  • ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access)
  • SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

Next-Gen Security

The adoption of multi-cloud, SaaS and WFA means that every enterprise is faced with an exponential increase in attack surfaces. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) coupled with resources that are not inside the network perimeter mean every user is vulnerable. Whether you want traditional edge security at your branch, in front of your IaaS or you’re looking to converge your security stack in, Graphene Networks has the best solutions for your enterprise.

We take care of you through the whole services life cycle. From first touch to ongoing support, we make sure each customer is treated with exceptional care and detail.

Managed Services Lifecycle

  • Objective and free network assessment
  • More technology choices
  • A force multiplier for your IT team
  • Visibility into more networks and best practice
  • Domain expertise for less
  • Reduced IT burden
  • Accelerated adoption and deployment
  • Network performance improvement
  • Lower costs

Telco MSPs

Create vendor lock-in
Just another form of MPLS
Limited solution options
Lower service
Treat you like a small fish in a big pond

Other MSPs

Limited solution options
One-size-fits-all approach
Co-managed isn’t an option

Managed WAN Edge Services

Managed Solutions

Branch & Cloud Security
Remote Access
Secure Internet Access


Project Management
Advanced Monitoring
Proactive Ticketing
Vendor Management

Service Levels

Premium: 24/7/365 - Advanced Monitoring and Support

Basic: 8x5 - Daytime monitoring & Config Assistance

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Graphene Networks: A force multiplier for your IT team